WiFi Network: TroyStudios Password: StudiosTroy (capital T, capital S).
Bathrooms down the hall - walk to your right out of the studio, located in the left corner.
Kitchenette & more bathrooms - walk to your right out of the studio, take a right all the way down the big hall way.

When You Arrive

Annie, our studio manager, will send you an invitation to August, our smart lock app. If you plan to book the studio, you can download it now and set up your account. The invite will allow you in and out of the studio for your reservation, with access from your smart phone. *Please make sure you put the correct phone number in for your reservation when you book; we are not responsible if you do not receive the invite due to incorrect phone number.*

Studio Tours

Appointments may be scheduled as little as 12 hours in advance, therefore we cannot offer specific studio tours or guarantee the studio will be visible for a walk-by. You can text Annie day-of when you are thinking of taking a look and she will let you know if there’s any available time to go in for a few minutes.

Organization + Clean-up

Setting up and breaking down what is needed for your shoot must be accounted for in the amount of time you reserve. Please book more than your “shoot time” to make sure you are in and out on-time. For clean-up, please refer to the reference photos in the studio for how the studio should look when you leave. Please take out what you bring in - including hangers, boxes, props, florals, etc.

If there is an appointment directly after you, we will let you know.
In this case, if you are more than 5 minutes late leaving the studio, you will be billed a $40 late fee.

If there is not, we will also let you know so you can add more time during your session if needed ($40 per additional hour).

Fees for organization & clean-up.
Cleaning fee: $50
Prop organization fee: $25

Weekend Appointments

The building entrance (SE 11th ave) door schedule:
Open Monday - Friday, 8am – 6pm,
Saturday 9:30am – 3pm

If your appointment is outside of this time frame, you need to call Annie through the callbox at the entrance (The Portland Studio) to buzz you in.

Refunds + Rescheduling

No refunds are given for cancellation. We can offer a transfer of your appointment to someone else, or reschedule your appointment for another date for a fee of $50. Cancellation or reschedule must be made at least 1 week prior to appointment.

Props +

Two moving backdrop walls, 8ft wide x 9ft tall. One black/white. One plywood/texture.
Two sets of C-stands - one silver, one matte black.
Clamps, hangers, garment rack, full-length mirror.
Assorted stools, chairs, table tops, one set of table legs.
Assorted potted plants.
Assorted paper rolls, one 9ft white.
(See our Instagram stories for details on inventory).

Workshops + Client Sessions

You are responsible for letting people in at street level if you plan to have clients or workshop attendees coming to the studio during your reservation. small table tops available, one set of table legs, chairs/stools

Our recommended occupancy limit for the space is about 20 people, though the legal limit is 49.


The studio is open for appointments from 8am - 9pm daily, including weekends. Please see Weekend Appointments section for more details on door schedule.


Free street parking is available on SE 11th Ave. right outside the studio building. Signs are posted for 2-hr parking; park at your own risk for longer time periods. There is plenty of neighborhood surrounding the area East of the studio that is good all day.

Floor Plan

There are two security cameras mounted in the studio for safety and accountability purposes.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Safety + Security