The Portland Studio
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A curated photo studio available for hourly rental in Portland, Oregon.

The studio space has an industrial feel with white ceilings (14 ft), white walls, large north-facing windows and original, restored hardwood floors. 

The studio is designed to be a blank canvas for your creative projects; an inspiring space to shoot in. We provide a number of props from chairs to backdrop walls. See complete list of equipment below.

Lighting is all natural, but if you are looking to bring some in, we recommend renting lighting equipment from
Pro Photo Supply


What's included

There are 2 moving backdrop walls, 1 painted matte black on one side and white on the other, 1 with rotating colors.
There are also 2 c-stands, and a white seamless paper stand that can be used for both small and full-size rolls of backdrop paper. 
6-foot worn wooden ladder, 3-ft wood ladder, four modern white chairs, varying colored small rolls of backdrop paper, bluetooth speaker, private changing corner, clothing rack with wooden hangers, 2 black workhorse table legs, two wooden stools - one tall white, one short wooden. 2 reflectors, various potted plants, two wall tapestries (8x9ft) floral print and marble print. 


The light

The space features four large, North-facing windows that allow for great natural light daily, whether it's sunny or overcast, there's a consistent, even light that floods in.


What to expect

When you arrive, the door at street-level will be open. The studio is located up 1 and a half flights of stairs; no elevator is available. When you arrive at Suite 208, the door will already be unlocked for you, or you'll have access to the door with the August smart lock app. While you rent, you and your team/clients are the only ones in the space with privacy to create and work.